• Gen Z, You and Me

    With a new generation comes new mindsets. In recent years the differences between generations, such as Millennials and Baby Boomers, shape thinking and approaches. These differences dominate the media and put Millennials and Baby Boomers at the forefront of the public’s… Read More

  • The Ever-Changing Maryland!

    Change can be a great thing: it demonstrates new opportunities and can provide a new perspective. Maryland is constantly changing. Whether it be a change in the health of the Chesapeake Bay or a change weather, change is inevitable. The most impactful and meaningful change is in the 6.1 million people… Read More

  • New Year, New You!

    The start of every new year presents a world of new opportunities. About 30% of Americans take this time to establish their New Year’s resolutions. Per Approximately 50% of those who make New Year’s resolutions plan to exercise more; Forty-nine… Read More

  • Christmas in Covid

    The holiday season affects everyone differently. Some people are flooded with bouts of holiday spirit while others seem overwhelmed with the additional chores associated with the season. Regardless of how you view the end of the year, we all have… Read More

  • The Power of Meek

    Often the word  “meek”  has a negative connotation as  “too submissive.”  Other definitions seem slightly more positive: ” slow to anger or resentment.”   Let’s commit to another definition. A definition that can quickly remind us what is needed if our goal is to be effective with others: Meek… Read More

  • Embrace Your Weirdness!

    How often do we make decisions based on what others might think? The behavior is often unconscious and typical of human beings to seek acceptance and the approval of others. That said, the most intriguing people are often outside of the… Read More

  • Thoughts Change Life

    A scientific fact: the body manifests what the mind focuses upon. There is a direct correlation between mind and body: how we think affects the way we feel! How many times is our attitude influenced by the news? Or our physical diagnoses… Read More

  • It’s Good to be Good

    Contributing to our community is important. Volunteering and giving back, whether time, money, or providing tangible items, is often seen as a way to benefit those less fortunate. The goal is to improve the plight of others’ lives through generous gestures. Studies… Read More

  • Anguish’s Fortitude

    Whether you are facing a loved-one’s illness, an end of a relationship, or a compromise of your own health, we all experience heart-wrenching, life-changing feelings at some point. Loss is an unfortunate aspect of life.  Although we all deal with suffering differently,… Read More

  • Conquering Fear

    Fear, anxiety, and worry is a current place of being for many! With the current state of our world, if we choose to absorb all that is shared our internal voices can easily lead us to despair and even panic…. Read More