Usability Tests / CLT

In addition to Observation Baltimore’s rigid recruiting practices, we employ a strict usage-

  • Recruiting: For brand-specific focus group requirements, interviewers require participants to access the products in question, and read package labels. The project manager reviews all screener responses carefully to ensure all questions meet required quotas.
  • Confirmation Calls: Calls are conducted 2 to 3 days before the project, and participants are thoroughly re-screened (with blinded questions). In the event the participant’s responses have changed, clients are alerted and the participant is replaced.
  • In-Person Check-In: Front Desk and Hospitality staff are briefed on project recruiting requirements. All participants are re-screened elaborately to ensure qualification prior to entering the focus group.
  • Project Manager: In addition to managing quotas and qualifications, the project manager reviews confirmation call re-screens, oversees responses the day of the project, and is proactive at client communication.

Usability / CLT Lab accommodates 30 respondents with remote observation in a comfortable client lounge via projector screen. Laptops, dials, and emotional response pads are available upon request.