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Industry Landscape

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, businesses now, more than ever, rely on quality data to inform their decision making, develop effective strategies, align with shifting consumer preferences, and navigate ever evolving market dynamics. Online survey research is the most leveraged methodology for agile data collection required to power impactful data-driven decision making. High quality, accurate and reliable data is crucial to an organization’s success. Despite the rising importance and demand for online market research, the quality of online data has suffered from rapid decline. Online research has become transactional in nature, and a “push the button” mentality has replaced sound sampling and project management practices. Clients are becoming increasingly concerned and actively seeking solutions.

Ironwood Online

Ironwood Online

In response to the growing demand for highest quality online research, sampling, and data, we’ve launched Ironwood Online, Ironwood Insight Group’s dedicated Online research division. Developed in partnership with Industry leaders, our set of rigorous standards and best practices ensures we deliver the highest quality data with an unparalleled customer service experience. Ironwood Online provides clients with:

  • Highly Managed Sampling & Fielding
  • Customized Sample Sourcing
  • Accurate & Reliable Data


Built upon our decades of experience in research study design, complex sample
planning, data collection and analytics, Ironwood offers a depth of services and
capabilities including:

  • Full-Service Online Research – Study Design, Data Collection, Analytics & Insights
  • Online Study Management – Programming/Hosting, Sample Sourcing, Data
  • Collection
  • Sample Only Sourcing – Source Selection, Sample Sends, Sample Management
  • Client List Management – Programming/Hosting, Invitation Design, Sample Sends
  • High-Touch Recruitment – Sample Sourcing, Recruit Management, Support Services


Ironwood Online is uniquely positioned to deliver high-quality online sample and data,
while simultaneously delivering the cost effective, speed-to-insights solutions clients are
demanding. Ironwood Online is built to uphold our long-standing industry reputation for
exceptional client service, high impact full-service research and data collection solutions
and an unwavering commitment to quality.

  • Expertise – We are researchers first. Online sample provider second.
  • Service – We don’t just deliver, we delight. Every project, every time.
  • Quality – We don’t meet the standards, we exceed them.
  • Delivery – We will problem solve, pivot and persist until the job’s done.


Highly Managed Services – Online Sampling & Project Management 

At Ironwood Online, our team of project managers are highly knowledgeable and
experienced in sample planning and management. Our team is fully equipped to
navigate obstacles relating to sample blending, response rates, quota management,
quality assurance and other fielding obstacles.

While we know all too well how to manage real-time challenges, Ironwood’s standards
and best practices aim to mitigate them all together. Our project management staff is
fully trained in Ironwood’s Five Stage Project Management protocol. Our project
management checklist includes multiple steps across all stages: review, prepare,
launch, manage and delivery.


Curated Sample – Study Based Source Selection

Coupled with our deeply profiled proprietary panel, Ironwood Online’s in-house
technology enables real-time access to millions of highly diverse survey participants.
The extensive reach and diversity of our sample pool enables us to custom select the
best sample composition for each individual study.

Our partnerships provide us with priority access to high-quality respondents not
available on marketplace exchanges.

Ironwood Online sample sources undergo a rigorous selection process. We holistically
evaluate new sources across twelve key criteria. All sources must align with Ironwood
Online’s quality and service standard expectations and are monitored against a set of
quality and performance metrics.


Accurate & Reliable Data – Multi-Dimensional Quality Checks

Whether it’s a bad actor, a bot, a duplicate account or an AI response generator, our proprietary technology is built to stop fraud before it happens. AI powered technology and complex scoring algorithms seamlessly detect fraudulent activity in real-time for both managed and sample only studies. Additionally, Ironwood Online has developed a customized, rigorous protocol for detecting and eliminating bad data. This includes a multitude of in-survey checks such as attention testing, grid accuracy, speeding, straight lining, and response consistency. All data sets are thoroughly reviewed and cleaned. Open-ended responses undergo human review for sensibility and accuracy.


About Us

Ironwood Online is a division of Ironwood Insights Group, a full-service market research and data collection firm. Ironwood Insights offers a full range of Qualitative and Quantitative research services including study design, data collection, high-end analytics, and insights generation. Our clients appreciate our vast capabilities and solutions, allowing them to scale up or down as needed.

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