Getting Time on Your Side

Unless you are a member of the Rolling Stones, time is probably not on your side (if you are too young to get this reference, checkout this clip from YouTube).

Let’s face it, it is hard to find a minute to do anything in today’s busy world, let alone find the time to do everything you want. Whether you aspire to spend more time with your family, find the time to exercise, quit smoking, or just relax, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to accomplish all of your goals.

Want more time?  Who doesn’t?

Herein we provide some tips to help you move faster (and hopefully healthier and happier) toward those tasks you either enjoy more or will better serve you:

1. Shop Online: Sites such as Amazon offer life’s staples delivered right to your door, and often for a savings off in-store retail. This includes anything from tea bags and dog food, to paper supplies. Many online retailers also offer delivery cycles whereby products are sent on a schedule.

2. Beware of surfing: The average American spends 4 hours per day watching television and almost 2 hours surfing online (Neilson). If you spend 5-6 hours per day mindlessly surfing, that is 140-180 hours per month!

3. Reduce your junk mail: Safeguard your e-mail address by using a separate address to surf. E-marketers are sophisticated with sites and blogs tracking your signatures and cycling back junk.

4. Mind your mobile: We’re all guilty of incessantly checking for new messages. Incorporate one hour per day of contact-free time. Don’t become a victim of handheld addiction!

5. Say “No”: Is it really necessary to accept every invitation? Be selective about invitations you select. A good practice is to think about and balance options before accepting.

6. Proactively outline expectations: Often, people create their own time stress by promising too much. If we established realistic time expectations, even clients will understand a better product (and healthier person) will result.

The key to finding more time to accomplish your goals is not working harder – it’s working smarter!

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