Commuting: The Economy’s Effect on Daily Travel

High gas prices and the current economic recession have created one of the least commuter-friendly environments in recent memory.  So how are commuters responding?   Observation Baltimore investigates:

– Drivers report more stress and frustration related to commuting worldwide (IBM Global Commuter Pain Survey).

– Compared to 2010, a number of cities have seen a rise in the number of people relying more on public transportation (IBM Global Commuter Pain Survey).

– Overall, traffic has decreased in the US in recent years as more telecommuters emerge creating less people commuting to and from work (2011 Annual Urban Mobility Report).

– The overall travel time to work index nationwide is 1.20, down from 1.25 in 2005 (2011 Annual Urban Mobility Report).

– Surprisingly, congestion is becoming a larger problem outside of “rush hour,” with approximately 40% of delays occurring mid-day and in the overnight hours (2011 Annual Urban Mobility Report).

– The average U.S. commuter spends 50 minutes per day in his/her vehicle (U.S. Census Bureau).

If public transportation is not an option for you and you wish to decrease your commuting time and/or stress level, Observation Baltimore offers a few tips:

1. Carpool: When public transportation is inconvenient, carpooling may be a solution and you can share the gas expense.  Plus with many states offering carpool only (high occupancy vehicle or HOV) lanes, carpooling can also shorten your commute.

2. Wake Up Earlier or Travel at Non-Peak Hours: Fewer people on the road make congestion less likely and lessens the stress of your commute.

3. Take Alternate Routes: As most commuters use the highways, back roads may be your best chance for a traffic-free commute.   Even if this doesn’t save time, continually moving and not sitting in traffic may be much less stressful.

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