How to Access Your Creative Self

Is your desire to access Theta and move beyond Beta?   Ever diagnosed with inventive hiccups? You’ll be relieved to learn that accessing our most creative selves begins by tapping into our emotions. In our qualitative profession we are expert at the emotive discovery of others. So for a short time, setting aside the ‘to do’ list and taking time to understand how WE feel enhances our creativity!  The value-add: becoming healthier with the process!

In Access Creativity, Morgan Douglas shares her experience with a Creativity Session that personally rocked my world!  Morgan also shares sources available to all innovators seeking pearls of creativity-enhancing wisdom.

Access Creativity

In our fast-paced, ever-evolving industry, we are constantly challenged to remain innovative while developing new and exciting ideas.  As we know, this is much easier said than done.  Sometimes creative juices begin to trickle rather than flow and ideas lack freshness and originality.  As innovators, how do we break through creativity obstacles?

I attended a QRCA DC chapter creativity session conducted by George Pierson of Creative Mindflow (  During the session, I volunteered for an ‘Awakened Mind’ experiment where electrodes on my scalp were monitored by an EEG-type brainwave machine. As the session progressed, my brainwaves were studied. When one is in the Awakened Mind state, the mind is sharper, quicker, and more flexible to fluid thinking. Through guided meditation, George’s method allowed me to experience things that make me happy. Once my brainwaves (Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta) achieved the proper balance, I gained greater access to my Theta waves, those where my subconscious and emotions live. These brainwaves serve as the most compelling sources of creativity.

Beta: emitted when we are consciously alert, or we feel agitated, tense, afraid, with frequencies ranging from 13 to 60 pulses per second in the Hertz scale.

Alpha: when we are in a state of physical and mental relaxation, although aware of what is happening around us, its frequency are around 7 to 13 pulses per second.

Theta: more or less 4 to 7 pulses, it is a state of somnolence with reduced consciousness.

Delta: when there is unconsciousness, deep sleep or catalepsy, emitting between 0.1 and 4 cycles per second.

It is common knowledge that when our mind is clear, we generate our best thoughts. George recommends instead of rushing through tasks or trying to do three tasks at once, a better product will result (and be more enjoyable) if one concentrates on a single-task rather than multi-task.

After the experience with George, I have focused on the importance of giving myself twenty minutes every morning to walk around nature or read a book outside. Even with this short amount of time, I feel much more centered and focused upon arriving at work. This calmness gives me a clear mind and allows me to focus on my tasks one by one without feeling scatterbrained. Once we have a clear mind, we are more open to new & thoughts.

Other resources to access your most creative self:

Quick & Easy: Take a walk in nature, pet a dog or cat: According to George Pierson, nature operates within the same wavelength as the Theta brainwave. Most creativity experts also agree that removing clutter is critical to creativity.

Nominal Cost: MP3 or CD’s: ( Increase Creativity, Kelly Howell, Enhancing Creativity, by Steven Halpern, and Cracking Creativity, Flow, and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention, by Dr. Jane Maati Smith C.Hyp, and

Worthy of Investment: Visit George Pierson’s for individual or group session services to improve creativity.

Accolades Galore: CPSI, Creative Problem Solving institute, is touted among our industry gurus as a must-attend ~ next year’s conference is June 18-22, 2012 in Atlanta.

Creativity Workshops: CREO,, holds international, weeklong creativity workshops. They also offer Customized and Private Workshops.

Hold on tight, your next big creative thought is just a brainwave away!

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