Top Five Market Research Trends and Tidbits

The following are Observation Baltimore’s top trending topics and tweets from the past month for market research.

1.  If you have been trying to get impressions with the upper class, the Super Bowl may be the best option.  Everybody has a multi-million dollar advertising budget right?

2. Tablets and e-readers have certainly made their presence felt in the market.  If half of Americans have one or the other, it may be time for researchers to harness those capabilities.

3. Mobile use continues to increase as technology improves.  This is one trend that we don’t see stopping anytime soon.

4. Awareness of a sickness is one of the biggest steps towards combating it.  If people don’t know it exists or what the warning signs are, how can they be proactive in fighting against it?

5. More than 2 out of every 5 Americans love the idea of traveling to other countries.  What’s holding you back from exploring the world?

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