How Market Research Impacts Valentine’s Day

Have you purchased a Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other yet? Chances are that if you have, you either bought or researched it online. According to Google’s Think Insights, online searches and purchases of Valentine’s Day gifts peak before in store purchases. However, most of us still wait until the last minute to look for the recipe for that Valentine’s Day dinner we’re going to cook for our significant other, as searches for “valentine’s day dinner” and “valentine’s day recipes” shoot way up on February 14th.

The analysis of search trends around Valentine’s Day has given companies plenty of tools to work with when marketing to Valentine’s shoppers. Let’s take a look at an interesting Valentine’s Day trend brought to us by internet search analysis.

Taking It Offline

There’s no denying that online shopping has become a mainstay not just of holidays, but of day-to-day shopping as well. Plenty of people still shop at traditional brick-and-mortar stores, but now they’re supplementing it with information they got from the internet. According to Google, “86% of buyers who purchase in-store use generic terms on search engines to inform purchase decisions.” Retailers who track these search terms can get a good idea of what consumers are looking for on Valentine’s Day long before the day comes. For example, from December 25th, 2010 to January 8, 2011, Google searches for jewelry increased a whopping 42%, suggesting a strong demand for the upcoming holiday. In 2011, consumers spend $3.5 billion on jewelry for Valentine’s Day. It’s now fair to say “if they search it, they will come.”

Valentine's Day market research

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