The Ever-Changing Maryland!

Change can be a great thing: it demonstrates new opportunities and can provide a new perspective. Maryland is constantly changing. Whether it be a change in the health of the Chesapeake Bay or a change weather, change is inevitable. The most impactful and meaningful change is in the 6.1 million people that live here. 


Maryland’s population fluctuates each year.  Understanding and noting these ever-changing demographics contribute to key insights, especially for marketers.  Observations can also be useful for people looking to call Maryland their home.  


As representatives of the voice of Marylanders, we are especially proud of our minority business composition: 


  • Second in US – African American-owned firms (6.6%)  
  • Fifth in US – Women-owned firms (22.4%)  
  • Fifth in US – Asian-owned firms (13.3%) 
  • Seventh in US – Minority-owned firms (23.9%) 
  • Twelfth in US – Hispanic-owned firms (3.8%) 


The data that follows is current demographic information about Marylanders as of December 2020. 



Additional data can be provided upon request. 



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