New Year, New You!

The start of every new year presents a world of new opportunities.

About 30% of Americans take this time to establish their New Year’s resolutions. Per

  • Approximately 50% of those who make New Year’s resolutions plan to exercise more;
  • Forty-nine percent [49%] plan to save more money;
  • Forty-three percent [43%] propose to eat healthier.

These great aspirations could make a positive and long-lasting impact, but only 7% of adults admit to following through with their resolutions.  Why do many people struggle to keep their goals? The sudden change in overall behavior is one of the main causes for individuals that fail to keep their resolutions.

When attempting lasting behavioral alterations, it is best to implement changes in small increments. If you have multiple goals for 2021, start by making one change. Once that goal is accomplished, move to the next goal.

Another reason some people abandon their resolution is due to striving for perfection. It is common to have minor missteps when making lasting changesbut some will see one setback as a complete failure and give up on their resolution all together. It is important to remember that slip-ups are bound to happen and forgiving yourself will make resolutions much less intimidating.

According to Forbes, those who vividly describe their goals in written form are much more likely to achieve their goals. Visualization is a powerful tool that can put you on a pathway to success.

Whatever 2021 goals you establish, remember, “Rome was not built in a day!”

We wish you prosperity, health, and success as you step into the new year!

“There is only one way to eat an elephant: a bite at a time.”  — Desmond Tutu


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