Christmas in Covid

The holiday season affects everyone differently. Some people are flooded with bouts of holiday spirit while others seem overwhelmed with the additional chores associated with the season. Regardless of how you view the end of the year, we all have the same question on our minds, “How will Christmas in COVID-19 affect my plans?”

While traditions like seeing Santa at the mall may have to wait until next year, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate the holiday season. The safest and lowest risk activities include building a gingerbread house with your immediate family or driving through the streets to look at decorations. To get your loved ones safely involved in the celebrations, you can deliver holiday meals or schedule a holiday movie watch party with your friends and family.

Do you plan on buying gifts this season? It may be in your best interest to get your shopping done early this year. and report:

  • 71% of consumers stated that they planned on shopping online this year (up from 51% last year)
  • 25% of consumers report that they expect to start shopping early this year
  • 75% reporting that they will have their holiday shopping finished before December.

This year, you can expect Personal Protection Equipment in your stocking. 40%, 38% and 23% of consumers say they plan on purchasing hand sanitizer, face masks and disinfectant wipes, respectively, as gifts.

No matter how you spend it, Observation Baltimore wishes you a happy and safe holiday season.

Written by: Charles “Pete” Denman

“Patience is bitter, but its’ fruit is sweet.”  Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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