Observation Baltimore’s Favorite Market Research Tweets

Do you know who is talking about you?!

Ever taken a Webinar or electronic training seminar on social media?  Ever chat or use online scheduling software, make reservations at a restaurant, or click on an article link?  What you do electronically provides data so marketers can customize your content options.

Not only that – they could be talking about You!

Online platforms have a huge variety of channels to communicate about various topics and they are talking about YOU!  Your organization, your industry, and your habits.

@ObservBaltimore took a look at the top trending topics and tweets for market research and here is what we found:

  1. Thinking about creating a mobile site for your company?  Research shows that creating a mobile-friendly site can increase consumer activity.

2. Despite what Steve Jobs may have said, even the almighty Apple does market research.

3. Changing physical environments– how much does it change consumer’s behavior?

4. “Insumers” – the newest type of consumer. These consumers are directly linked to brands. They sell all of their “data” — information about themselves, behaviors, transactions, and constantly share their thoughts and feelings with large brands. A very interesting idea, but does this cloud data?

5. We especially liked this one! Do your kids still rely on you? How long did you rely on your parents?

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