Motivation: What drives you?

A few weeks ago, Barbara Gassaway, the president and CEO of Observation Baltimore and The Research Group, attended a speech by Daniel Pink on Motivation.  Some of the ideas covered included:

  • Meaning: It is more motivational to tell people WHY they are doing something or WHY it matters instead of HOW to do it.
  • Rewards: How employees are rewarded is usually more important than the rewards themselves. A 2008 study found that as long as the reward was tied into mechanical tasks, the positive ratio (larger reward:greater performance) worked…but when the task required cognitive skills (even rudimentary skills), a larger reward led to poorer performance, particularly if the work was spread out over time (if/then scenarios).

What motivates you? How do you motivate your staff? Could you be more effective?

Office Motivation Facts and Statistics

  • 55 percent of employees agree or strongly agree that the quality of their company’s recognition efforts impacts their job performance. (Success Performance Solutions)
  • Only 10 percent of employees strongly agree that they are completely satisfied with their company’s employee recognition efforts. (SPS)
  • 70 percent of employees receive verbal praise – the most prevalent form of employee recognition – only 49 percent of them want it; and 21 percent of those who actually want verbal praise still aren’t getting it from their companies. (SPS)

The Importance of Employee Satisfaction and the Profit Chain

  • Employee satisfaction drives loyalty. Employee loyalty drives productivity.
  • Employee productivity drives value.
  • Value drives customer satisfaction.
  • Customer satisfaction drives customer loyalty.
  • Customer loyalty drives profitability and growth.

How do you recognize your employees? Could you improve?

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