Focus Groups News: Interviewing Focus Group Participants

Week in and week out, you have heard the market research specialists at Observation Baltimore preach about the benefits of focus groups. But you don’t have to take our word for it anymore. Just look at what one of our focus group participants had to say about their experience…

1) What were your thoughts about a focus group before you attended?

“At first I was a little nervous and unsure, because I had never participated in anything like this. Observation Baltimore was really attentive with sending me a confirmation letter outlining the details and also directions to their location. They also called the day before my study to confirm my attendance. Their attentiveness throughout the process made me feel very secure and excited!”

2) What did you like about your research experience?

“I liked that my opinions were heard and that I got paid for it. It was really fun to meet new people and also great to feel as if I contributed towards something—plus I got paid Cash!”

3) Would you recommend participating in focus groups to friends and family?

“Absolutely! I never knew how much thought goes into products or services! To be able to freely express my opinion and contribute to a decision made me feel really good. I’m excited to know I was a part of the research process!”

4) Was it easy to sign-up to do the study?

“It’s so easy and quick! You go to and sign up. Then you just wait for Observation Baltimore to give you a call to see if you qualify for one of their studies!”

To learn more about Focus Groups, please contact Barbara Gassaway and the market research specialists at Observation Baltimore today by calling 410-332-0400 or click here! And if you think you might be interested in participating in a future focus group, sign up at

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