Market Research Technology Trends

Market research plays a very important role in the business world, allowing business owners to make more informed and targeted decisions. And as the market research industry continues to grow and evolve, so do the technologies that allow market researchers to better collect, analyze, and evaluate various forms of intelligence to further understand consumer behavior.

The world of market research has experienced tremendous change over the past few years as technology continues to play a larger role in our industry.

Market Research Technology Trends

  • Search Engines: With access to millions of individual insights, these two tools are poised to continue to grow in importance.
  • Social Media: Online engagement produces tons of rich data from which researchers can harvest additional insights and information to learn more about a specific target group, service perceptions, and general lifestyle interests. As involvement with online mediums continue to increase this area will become even more important for researchers.
  • Mobile Surveys: As we have explained before, the use of mobile devices has taken off in recent years. So it only makes sense that market researchers tap into this newly developed market to better bolster their findings.
  • Gamification: This involves applying game design thinking to non-game applications – like market research – to make experiences more fun and engaging for participants.
  • Video: Market researchers use video to record respondents in multiple situations and gain rich insights from watching behavior, patterns, etc.

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The ever-changing world of technology continues to impact the market research industry in a big way – fundamentally changing the way market researchers generate and analyze insights.

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