Going Green: The Ins and Outs of LEED Certification

Developed in 2000 by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – better known as LEED – provides building owners and operators with an outline for green building design, construction, operations and maintenance solutions. LEED-certified buildings are designed to:

  • Lower operating costs and increase asset value
  • Reduce waste sent to landfills
  • Conserve energy and water
  • Be healthier and safer for occupants
  • Reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions
  • Qualify for tax rebates, zoning allowances and other incentives in hundreds of cities

LEED is transforming the way built environments are designed, constructed, and operated.

As you may know, Observation Baltimore recently expanded our facilities and services! Toward creating a pleasurable research environment, Observation Baltimore is located in a brand new GREEN building. Our space was constructed using LEED-certified, renewable and sustainable products, and we are significantly reducing our environmental footprint:

  • Breathe cleaner air: Finishes, flooring, and ceiling are constructed of low-impact, renewable materials, and cleaned with non-toxic products. Further, cleaner air surrounds us with LEED certified air handlers;
  • Water coolers and health-infused water dispensers are encouraged over plastic water bottles (available upon request);
  • Recycle ALL non-biodegradable materials, with recycling receptacles in every room;
  • Printing and copying on 2-sides unless otherwise requested;
  • Low mercury lighting reduces harmful exposure and is better for the environment;
  • Our building’s energy systems meet the requirements of Energy Performance and Fundamental Refrigerant Management which minimizes energy use and increases energy efficiency.

If you have questions, contact the market research specialists at Observation Baltimore by calling 410-332-0400 or click here today!

Observation Baltimore has been serving the market research industry for two decades, consistently rated “One of the World’s Best,” by Impulse Survey. Our experienced recruiting is the foundation of our mission, as well as courteous and proactive hospitality and client services.

We understand market research!

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