How Baltimore Market Research Transforms the Healthcare Industry

Market research conducted for the healthcare industry aims to enhance the overall quality and effectiveness of patient care, while improving safety standards and making general practices and processes more efficient. How is market research used to inform decision makers of pertinent data necessary to transform the patient experience and change the overall quality of care, best practices, and more importantly better outcomes?

Most researchers still feel qualitative research, focus groups and individual depth interviews, are the most effective methodologies to gain critical insights into the patient, physician, and pharma companies experiences. In person, researchers can gain perspectives and discover nuances that are not possible with other methodologies.  Some basic case study examples of effective uses of market research  within the healthcare industry:

  • Improved dialogue between patients and physicians
Issue: Studies indicate that patients can forget up to 80% of their discussions with doctors. On top of that, half of the information retained is incorrect. How do we ensure patients are remembering pertinent information from these meetings?
Methodology: Recorded interactions and IDIs with both parties.
Result: Coupling recordings from meetings and interviews with both patients and physicians, researchers are able to better understand the disparities occurring between patient and physician and recommended strategies for improvement.
  • Developing effective marketing campaigns for pharmaceuticals
Issue: How do we communicate the benefits of a specific pharmaceutical agent and maintain market share in the competitive marketplace?
Methodology: In-depth interviews with physicians focused on the product – their opinions, prescription habits, experiences, and rationale.  Creative testing was also conducted with consumers to understand key messages (developed from clinician input) that would increase patient requests for the agent.
Result: Marketing initiatives were implemented targeting both physicians and consumers. Physician materials worked to increase recommendations and prescriptions while consumer materials increased the likelihood that consumers would ask their doctor’s for that specific drug.
  • Conducting surveys to glean physician opinions.
Issue: We need to ask physicians just one question but they are very busy and we don’t want to take much of their time.
Methodology: Online survey with physicians focused on one specific question. This methodology is ideal for quantitative research or when there are minimal questions to explore.
Result: Insight and answers to this particular pressing question was gleaned without taking much of physicians’ time, allowing doctors to conveniently weigh in with their professional opinions to better inform medical decision makers.

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