Facility Fervor

This week, we provide useful tips and resources for researchers to help locate focus group facility partners.

How do you find great focus group facility partners?

Technology provides the most efficient source for locating focus group facilities in new markets. Greenbook.org, the AMA New York Chapter’s product, is our personal favorite. You can search by location, company name, or service. The MRA Blue Book, Impulse Survey, and Quirks Marketing Research Review, are also valuable resources. These resources are available in hard copy, as well.

Recommendations by satisfied peers or colleagues provide a confidence level beyond a search vehicle. QRCA is a great resource, as is RIVA, to establish relationships.

How do you determine if a new facility will best serve your project?

The Impulse Survey provides insight from past clients who take the time to rate facility experiences. Additional clues that a facility will be an effective partner:

Responsiveness: How quickly do they respond to your RFP? Do they provide answers to your questions, without reiteration? What types of questions do they ask about your recruitment? Do they review with you specific quotas before the project is launched? Do they proactively communicate deliverables and timelines?

Price: The least expensive is not always the best option. A quality recruit (the priority) takes experience, time, and rich resources. Requesting multiple bids from various facilities will provide an understanding of cost in that market.

Technology: Focus Vision, Active Group, and wireless Internet are mainstays in the facility business. If a facility does not offer these services, it’s likely their physical location lacks other creature comforts, as well.

Food: We all know that food is the second priority to recruiting. Keeping observers content while they are in the dark is important, as is making sure the moderator is well taken care of while juggling research objectives, participants, and clients. Be sure to request (if it is not noted) that the facility provides a dedicated host/hostess to your project. This is especially important for projects where methodologies require highly responsive, between-group assistance.

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