Bet your Bottom Dollar that Google+ will Grow your Business

The market research experts here at Observation Baltimore are no strangers to the fact that social media is an ever-budding resource that significantly optimizes business strategy when utilized correctly. For several years now, Facebook and Twitter have been perennials in the garden of social media platforms, but what about the emerging blossoms of the online networking world?

Google Plus is a great hub for businesses looking to expand their audience and increase their clientele base. The problem is, many professionals may not be using the nexus to its full potential, meaning that they are losing the opportunity to connect with new individuals and broaden their scope as a company. That’s why this week, we’d like to share this compelling infographic on using Google Plus in a business setting from Market & Convert. To view the full resource,  click here.

Enjoy, and happy networking!

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Source for Infographic:

The Benefits of Google Plus for Business

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