Voice of Baltimore: Healthcare and Technology

Technology is becoming increasingly important in everyday life, and many medical offices are beginning to understand the benefits of integrating healthcare and technology to better serve their clients. Observation Baltimore recently surveyed 907 Baltimore residents on their use of technology at the doctor’s office.

healthcare and technology

What do Baltimore residents think about healthcare and technology?

Of those surveyed (48%)  see their doctor 1-2 times per year and many of these medical facilities incorporate the use of technology into their offices. Sixty two (62%) of respondents noted that their doctor’s office uses a Patient Portal platform, (48%) said that a tablet is used during check-in or consultation, and (39%) said they can communicate with their doctor via email or text message. Of those who have access to a Patient Portal, an overwhelming majority (82%) take advantage of it. Respondents noted that the Patient Portal makes it easier to keep track of upcoming appointments, test results, and streamlines communication with their doctor. Of the (18%) who do not utilize the Patient Portal, the most common reasons are because it is too complicated, they can never remember their password, and they prefer speaking to their doctor in person.

When new technology is introduced at a medical facility, the majority of respondents said that they felt how to use this new technology is always well explained (30%) or sometimes explained (37%). When asked which online services they found to be the most useful, (28%) said they liked having the ability to receive tests online, (23%) chose using their patient portal to review their medical history, and (18%) said being able to communicate with their doctor. The least important uses included paying bills online (11%) and reviewing health education topics and discharge instructions (6%). When asked, “How do you think technology could be utilized to enhance your patient experience?” (38%) of responses collected included the following buzzwords; access, efficient, quicker/faster and convenient.

Surveys such as this one merely scratch the surface of how healthcare facilities can better integrate technology in their patient care model. In-depth market research–including focus groups and one-on-one interviews–can offer great benefits to facilities looking to better serve their clients.

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