The Benefits of In-Person Healthcare Qualitative Research

Although online surveys and satisfaction questionnaires can provide useful insight into your healthcare facility’s systems, processes, and practices, in-person qualitative research provides benefits beyond what can be accomplished on paper. In Depth Interviews (IDIs) provide researchers with the ability to dig deep into a subject and gain an extensive and nuanced understanding of a respondent’s true feelings. Learn more about why you may want to consider implementing IDIs into your healthcare market research strategy in this week’s blog.

Health care qualitative research

Is your healthcare facility harnessing the power of qualitative research?

The Benefits of In-Person Healthcare Qualitative Research

Face-to-face research is far and away the best approach to fully understand the underlying interests and feelings of consumers. IDIs offer many benefits, including:

More authentic responses

The purpose of qualitative research is to understand how people feel about different situations and ideas. Though methods such as questionnaires can begin to scratch the surface of these opinions and feelings, they are often unable to capture the nuance that can be discovered during one on one research. Respondents are more likely to rush through a questionnaire or offer answers they think that the focus group moderator wants to hear. In contrast, IDIs encourage honesty and openness, which offers more trustworthy results.

Nonverbal cues

Written consumer research will always be lacking in an extremely rich form of information: nonverbal communication. Moderators trained in the art of in-person interviews understand that in addition to listening to the answers that respondents provide, they must also pay attention to body language, eye contact, and gestures that may offer additional insight.

More reliable information

Because written responses exist in a vacuum with no supplemental information to help understand how the words should be interpreted, they are much more likely to be misread. It can be easy to misunderstand the tone of a response and a moderator may develop the wrong conclusion. In-person interviews offer information that is more reliable because it is less likely to be influenced by the moderator’s opinions and judgments.

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