Top 5 Trending Market Research Tidbits

The following are Observation Baltimore’s top trending topics and tweets from the past month for market research.

1.  Five big trends that are impacting market research this year.  One trend should come as no surprise: the integration of social, digital, and traditional marketing is critical.

2. Do you think your boss is ignoring you?  That may be the case, but it could also be attributed to the never-ending emails in their inbox.

3.  Marketing has been trending this way for a few years now, and this year it finally happened: advertising dollars on the internet exceeded television.

4. Smart phones have the capability to bring any information from the internet to you wherever you are.  Young shoppers are taking advantage of this to compare pricing and read product reviews on the spot.

5. Researchers know that technology will continue to push the research industry, but there are still hesitations about it.

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