Thanksgiving Trends of 2016

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and Americans are getting ready to enjoy this quintessentially American holiday with food, friends, and family. As a market research firm, we wanted to find out how Americans will be celebrating and we couldn’t help but look into the Thanksgiving trends of 2016.

thanksgiving trends

Here are some of the Thanksgiving trends you can expect this year.


Thanksgiving Travel Trends

There are over 117 million occupied housing units across the country and each one represents a potential stop for Thanksgiving dinner. So how will travelers get to their long-awaited meal? The vast majority (91%) will drive to their destination and more than half will travel over 100 miles! If you’ll be traveling via car, don’t forget to plan ahead: Experts say that the worst time to leave for your destination is November 23rd at 3 pm. The earlier in the day you set out, the better off you’ll be. In terms of coming home, analysts agree that you’ll make the best time if you set out by 6 a.m. on November 25th.

If you’d rather avoid the roads, you’ll still need to plan wisely because airports will see a big rush in activity as the Thanksgiving holiday is one of the biggest travel times of the year. Busy airports will see increases in activity up to 60% higher than on a normal comparable workday, with the most affected airports being Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas,  and Atlanta.

Do the Turkey Trot

Turkey is still the main staple on the Thanksgiving table and more than 228 million birds have been raised in anticipation of the holiday. Nearly 88% of families put a turkey on the table and more than 50 million birds will be eaten on Thursday. But Americans also love their side dishes and cranberry sauce is an iconic staple. This year, over 840 million pounds of cranberries have been raised, with the majority coming from Wisconsin and Massachusetts.

From our family to yours, we wish you a safe and delicious holiday weekend!

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