Neuromarketing: The Brain Game


We recently partnered with Medical Marketing Economics and Neuromarketing Labs to pilot a new biofeedback methodology. The saying that ‘you don’t truly understand something until you have done it’ was accurate.

To give you an even better understanding of what this is like on all sides, we interviewed the lead scientist on the project as well as a respondent that participated to get views from all sides. Below is the interview from the respondent. Enjoy!

Phillip, overall what was your experience participating like?

It was a really interesting experience. The questions were more in depth than I expected which made the study really eye-opening for me. The people running the study were great – they explained everything really well and answered all my questions.

What do you think about the methodology overall?

At times it was difficult to stay focused, but I didn’t feel pressure to give a certain answer and there were a lot of little breaks in between.

How did the biofeedback cap feel?

First of all, the researchers explained everything really well when they were starting so there was no confusion. It just reminded me of being at a barber because they were working around my head.

I was very comfortable. I could feel that it was there. I thought it would feel really messy but it didn’t. They put a little gel on my head to assist the process. The gel is comfortable, it dries afterwards and I just washed it out with a little bit of water.


It just reminded me of being at a barber.


What advice would you have for someone else who is going to participate?

I would let them know that it sounds scarier than it is. It is hard to describe, but it really isn’t intimidating at all. You are getting your brainwaves measured and your responses are gauged by a computer. There is nothing painful, uncomfortable or invasive involved.

Also, the people who conducted the study are really friendly and helpful. They are welcoming and made me feel at ease. This was really important for me since I wasn’t sure what to expect.



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