Where Should a Focus Group Take Place?

At its most basic level, a focus group is simply a group of people who are asked predetermined questions and are then guided through a discussion by an appointed moderator. While this may sound simple to achieve, there are many factors that go into planning and executing an effective focus group, and the question of where should a focus group take place is an important one. Respondents need to be placed in an environment where they comfortable answering questions honestly and you will need the ability to observe respondents interactions and responses without disrupting the natural flow of the conversation. For the aforementioned reasons the best location to conduct your research is a designated focus group facility.

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Where should a focus group take place? At a professional, designated facility.


A/V needs are taken care of for you

Focus groups often require the use of interactive technology to get the discussion going. From UX testing to ad labs, your respondents will need to use a variety of technologies to interact with the products and concepts that they are being asked about. Unfortunately, managing this technology can be complex and much can go wrong on the day of testing. By conducting your focus group in a facility like Observation Baltimore, all of your needs will be taken care of and you can spend your time maximizing the effectiveness of your group.

Observe comfortably and unobtrusively

A professional focus group facility will allow you to observe the dynamics of the group without disturbing the flow of conversation. The observation/client rooms at Observation Baltimore are totally removed from the focus group rooms so that you can observe your group completely discretely. In addition, our observation rooms are tastefully decorated and comfortably appointed so that you will not have to worry about missing out on crucial body language cues or changes to group dynamics.

Make respondents feel comfortable

Hosting your focus group at a facility will make your group feel more professional and ensure that respondents are comfortable. At Observation Baltimore, our suites are well-appointed with comfortable chairs and a variety of snacks and beverages so respondents will be able to make themselves at home and enjoy the experience, which will lead to more honest and engaged responses.

About Observation Baltimore:

At Observation Baltimore, we understand that the success of your research is directly tied to the quality of your participants.  Recognized as one of the top Maryland market research facilities and rated “One of the World’s Best” by Impulse Survey, we believe that Experienced Recruiting Makes the Difference.  Our experienced recruiting is the foundation of our mission, as well as courteous and proactive hospitality and client services. Just six minutes from BWI airport and AMTRAK, our Baltimore research facility has a great location. Most importantly, we understand market research!

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