Voice of Baltimore: Health and Wellness Industry Trends

Wellness has been a hot-button topic recently as more and more consumers become increasingly concerned with their overall health and wellbeing. Whereas previous generations often determined their health based solely on their weight, today’s conception of wellness is much broader and encompasses exercise, healthy eating habits, beauty/anti-aging products, alternative medicine, and overall wellbeing.

The health and wellness industry is growing at lightning speeds and in 2013 alone, the industry grossed a whopping $3.2 trillion. At Observation Baltimore, we wanted to gain a better understanding of how Baltimore (ranked 17th on the the American Fitness Index) residents interact with the health and wellness industry. In this week’s blog, part 1 of a 3-part series we will highlight Baltimore residents’ views on exercise!

health and wellness industry

Exercise is a key aspect of the health and wellness industry.

The health and wellness industry is big business in Baltimore

In our survey of 920 Baltimore residents, we asked respondents how they feel about their exercise habits and routines. The vast majority made it clear that exercise is an important part of their lives, with over (90%) of participants responding that exercise was either extremely, very, or somewhat important to them.

Our survey indicates that Baltimore residents don’t necessarily feel like they have to go to the gym to get their heart pumping, with (59%) of respondents claiming that walking is the most common form of exercise they participate in. With the increasing popularity of wearable pedometers like FitBits and apps such as Pokemon Go that encourage physical activity, we weren’t too surprised that walking has become such a common form of exercise. Half of those surveyed responded that they prefer to get their exercise in the afternoon or just after work, while a respectable (30%) are early birds who get their exercise fix in the morning before work.

While (86%) of respondents said that they feel very or somewhat healthy, many are not completely satisfied with their wellness routines and (48%) of survey participants said that they have trouble following through with recent health changes. Around (72%) said that they exercise slightly, somewhat, or much too little, which indicates that although many Baltimore residents understand the importance of exercise, they are still working on finding ways to incorporate it into their busy lives.

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