Where is Recruiting Going? Automatic Recruiting vs. Personal Contact

A focus group is only as strong as its participants. So how do market researchers find and qualify respondents? Well, there are two primary ways in which recruiters find strong focus group participants: Automated Recruiting and Manually Qualifying Respondents.

Automated Recruiting: Is Electronic Recruiting the Future of Market Research?

Today, in an effort to save both time and money, many companies are moving to automatic recruiting methods, where screening is conducted using electronic means and computer-driven algorithms with no personal contact. These algorithms are sorting schemes that divide respondents into groups based on how they answer a series of questions. The benefits of this style of focus group recruiting include:

•Efficiency: Technology has made the recruitment process more efficient, automatically screening respondents.
•Saves Time: In minutes, the computer can screen recruits and find respondent matching the focus group’s criteria.

•Saves Money: Why employee an entire team of recruiters when a computer can handle most of the recruitment process?
Disadvantages of automated recruiting include:
•Laborious for Respondents: While automated recruiting saves market researchers and focus group facilities time, it adds more work for potential respondents.
•Accuracy: An online question can only tell you so much. There is simply no replacement for personal interaction.

Observation Baltimore: Experienced Recruiting with a Personal Touch

Observation Baltimore still believes that the best recruiting is done by a strong recruiting team with rigid recruiting and screening practices. Our goal is to provide a respondent that is accurate, thorough, and complete while maintaining an unmatched level of professionalism, best practices, and compliance to the highest of industry standards. At Observation Baltimore, we strive to recruit only the most qualified and vetted respondents.

Observation Baltimore’s recruiting team is the core strength of our service base!

To learn more about Recruiting, please contact Barbara Gassaway and the market research specialists at Observation Baltimore today by calling 410-332-0400 or click here! And if you are interested in participating in a future focus group, sign up at www.observationbaltimore/getpaid.

Observation Baltimore has been serving the market research industry for two decades, consistently rated “One of the World’s Best,” by Impulse Survey.

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