Voice of Baltimore: What are Your New Year’s Resolutions?

New Year's resolutions

The new year is a time for celebration! It’s also a time for setting resolutions. What resolutions did you set this year?

Do you set a New Year’s Resolution every year? If you do, then you share a trait with fifty-four percent (54%) of Baltimore Area residents. If you don’t set a resolution, no need to worry, you’re in the company of the remaining forty-six percent (46%) who kick their legs up and say “Eh, I’m good. Maybe next year!”

What Resolutions are Most Popular?

If you decided to set a resolution this year, what did you choose? We can guess that it was most likely a goal pertaining to your health or finances, with a greater likelihood that you set a health goal this year. When asked what Baltimore residents most want to change about themselves, health and finances were especially emphasized. Thirty-one percent (31%)  wish to see less financial worry in their lives, while another nearly equal-sized group–thirty percent (30%)–wish for improved physical health.

However, when it comes down to actually setting New Year’s resolutions, Charm City residents overwhelmingly chose to set health-related goals over financial goals. Thirty-nine percent (39%) of those polled reported that they set health-related goals for 2017. That’s ten percent (10%) more than the twenty-nine percent (29%) who chose money-related goals.

How Do Most People Achieve Their Resolutions?

Why would so many people choose to set health-related goals when it seems that most people are equally worried about health and money? Perhaps it’s because a health-related goal is more attainable than a money-related goal. While it may be difficult to put money in savings when bills are piling up, it’s not too hard to go on a brisk jog every morning before work. It all comes down to how people achieve their resolutions.

When asked how they accomplish their resolutions, thirty-five percent (35%) of those polled said that they set a realistic goal. Setting a goal that you think you can realistically accomplish in a year is an important step for achieving said goal. If you’re trying to save money, then you can make a plan to put a certain amount in your savings every month. If you’re trying to get healthy, then you can buy healthier foods, hit the gym on certain days, and set a weight goal. Setting a specific goal and making a plan to accomplish it is key to achieving your New Year’s resolution!

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