Voice of Baltimore: Food and Beverage Brand Loyalty

At Observation Baltimore, we wanted to get a sense for how Baltimore residents feel about brand loyalty. From food and beverage to health and hygiene products, we wanted to understand just how much a brand name matters to local consumers. In the first of a 3-part series, join us to gain insight into the brand loyalties of Baltimore residents pertaining to the food and beverage arena. And don’t forget to check back in the coming weeks to learn what they think about hygiene and cleaning products too!

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Do Baltimore residents really care about brand loyalty when it comes to their food and beverage purchases?


In Baltimore, food and beverage brand names matter

When it comes to food and beverages, the name on a label really matters to Baltimore residents. In fact, only 8% of survey respondents said that they did not purchase a brand name version of one of the food categories that we asked about. An overwhelming majority (78%) purchase brand name breakfast cereal, with snack foods (75%) and condiments (70%) also topping the list. Of these categories, Utz, Mills, and Purdue were some of the brands that earned the most customer loyalty. When it came to meat and proteins, buyers were less attached to brand name and only (47%) of respondents claiming that they purchase these items.

When it comes to beverages, respondents were slightly less attached to brand names than they were with many food categories. Nearly (70%) purchase brand-name soda, coffee, or tea, but a higher percentage of people (10%) said that they never purchased branded versions of any of the beverage categories we presented. (49%) purchase brand-name bottled water, while (48%) choose branded sports drinks. When deciding which product to choose, consumers pointed to quality and price as the most important factors. In addition, the ability to source specific products was another driving factor in consumer choices.

Be sure to visit the blog again next week to find out what Baltimore residents think about brand name hygiene products!

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