3 Ways to Make Your Medical Market Research More Efficient

When conducting medical market research, efficiency is key. Whether you are investigating the pros and cons of incorporating health care technology into your facility or you want to find new and innovative ways to appeal to Millennials, medical market research can uncover the data you need to make smart investments and fact-based decisions about your facility. In order to make your market research as efficient as possible, follow these best practices.

medical market research

Medical market research has many applications.


Seek out unbiased respondents

All recruits are not created equal, which is why you should work with a market research company that can help source respondents who will be best suited to your focus group or survey. Results can easily be clouded when the wrong participants are asked for their opinions, so it is important to focus only on recruiting people who fit your target demographic profile.

Get a second opinion on your research questions

It is common for research questions to be confusing, leading, or unproductive, which is why it is so important to gather a second opinion before you begin using your survey. Having your questions looked over by a professional market researcher will help to ensure that you gather the information needed to make the right decisions for your medical facility.

Take full advantage of online surveys

One mistake many researchers make is to see online questionnaires as a digital version of pen and paper surveys. This habit means that they miss out on many of the unique benefits offered by online formats. Digital surveys allow researchers to experiment with different types of questions responses–from image heat maps to long-form essay answers–and taking full-advantage of the many types of questions available from online surveys will make your results more specific and useful.

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