Time for a Taste Test

Taste tests are an easy way to gather lots of data about a food product. The great thing about taste tests is that they produce useful quantitative and qualitative data, which can be used for lots of market research applications. In this blog we’ll talk about how taste tests are conducted, the kind of data they can produce, and the various applications that taste tests have in Baltimore market research.

Taste Tests: How do they work?

Most taste tests are performed blind. This means that the participants don’t know what they are tasting. In some cases they can be performed double blind, so neither the participants nor the people who hand out the samples know which is which. Both of these kinds of tests are done to prevent bias in the results, therefore generating more accurate results.

In short, participants are asked to taste a sample of a product, and then fill out a questionnaire with their responses to the product. The questionnaire usually uses a three point scale. For example, if you were taste testing popcorn, the scale might be: A- Too salty B- Just Right C- Not Salty Enough. If the taste test involves a comparison between two or more products, the participants are provided with a palette cleanser in between tasting the two products to make sure the taste of one doesn’t affect the taste of the other.

Taste Test Applications

Many people think of taste tests as a phase in product development. Once initial research has been conducted, a product is developed and tested by means of a taste test. While this is definitely a popular use for taste tests, they’re not limited to the product development phase.

Taste tests can be used to ensure the consistency of a product so that consumers everywhere are getting the same experience when they purchase the product. This is important because inconsistency can cause consumers to avoid products because they’re not sure whether they’ll get a good batch or a bad batch.

Companies can also use taste tests for brand comparison. The results of these kinds of taste tests can be instrumental in developing a marketing campaign. If you can demonstrate that consumers prefer your brand over a similar brand, you can generate lots of interest in the marketplace.

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