The Snowball: A Baltimore Classic


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What makes the Snowball so good? Just ask anyone in Baltimore.

Ah, the snowball. It seems like everyone in Baltimore has a fond memory of tasting these delicious treats. Strangely enough, the snowball is pretty specific to Baltimore and many people throughout the United States don’t even know what they’re missing. Today we’re going to be talking about this little delicacy, what sets it apart, and where it came from. Are you ready to learn more about Baltimore’s snowball? Let’s do it!

What makes a snowball a snowball?

A snowball is a very specific type of shaved ice dessert. It is made up of shaved ice that isn’t too fine or too chunky, some syrup, and there is usually marshmallow fluff in the center and on top. Snowballs are traditionally served in Styrofoam cups with a long spoon and they are exceptionally affordable. The three classic flavors are egg custard, Tutti-Frutti, and Skylite. Though Italian ice and snow cones share similarities, there is nothing quite like Baltimore’s snowball.

Where did snowballs come from?

In the late 1800’s ice suddenly became a commodity. Large wagons full of ice would cross Baltimore’s streets, and the kindly drivers would often offer some of the shavings to children on hot days. Eventually, people realized that these shavings lacked a little pop, so they began to add flavors to the ice and a sweet summer treat was born. The snowball really took off during the Great Depression. This is most likely due to the fact that they were very cheap to make and to buy. The rest is history. Now there are tons of snowball stands all over Maryland that are all in competition to make the best snowball. Head out there and try one for yourself! Make sure they don’t forget the marshmallow fluff!


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