The Polls are in: Election 2012 Statistics

You’ve cast your ballot and the results are in for the 2012 presidential election: Barack Obama will continue to don the seven hats as the head of the United States government. Despite the complaints about long lines at polling places and word of a few glitches in electronic voting systems, millions of Americans turned out to exercise their right. Here’s a few facts about the election process:

The Basics

  • Number of Americans eligible to vote: 206,072,000
  • Number of Americans registered to vote: 146,311,000
  • Number of Americans who voted in the 2012 election: 118,000,000

The 2012 Campaign

  • As of Wednesday morning, Obama had secured 303 electoral votes; he needed 270 for reelection
  • Republican candidate Mitt Romney secured a total of 206 electoral votes in the race for the White House

The Demographic

  • 71% of Latinos voted for Obama, while 27% cast their ticket for Romney
  • 90% of African Americans voted to elect Obama, with only 10% rallying for Romney
  • 89% of Romney’s votes were received by white Americans, compared to 56% by Obama
  • 53% of the national vote came from women, 47% from men
  • 55% of Obama’s votes were made by women, in contrast with Romney’s 43%

The Social Media Buzz

  • On election day, Obama garnered a whopping 396,372 additional “likes” on Facebook
  • Twitter reached its peak number of tweets per minute – 327, 452 – after the major networks announced Obama’s win
  • President Obama’s tweet “four more years” accompanied by a photo of him hugging his wife was retweeted 764,267 times and favorited 267, 711 times (and counting!)

From a record year for women with a historic number of females in the Senate, to the close call between presidential candidates, it’s been an enthralling election to follow. We hope these statistics are a helpful recap of the 2012 race for presidency.

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