New Year’s Resolutions

On New Year’s, according to a recent Washington Post article, we look back on past failures to change and feel an uncommon surge of optimism. We rationalize that it was “the old me” who failed to change, but this year will be different. A full 40 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions.
Many of us find it hard to stick to good behaviors all the time, which might suggest setting easy New Year’s resolutions to avoid the discouraging experience of failure — an experience that can lead us to give up on our goals. On the other hand, research has shown that setting tough-to-attain goals is more motivating than setting easy ones.

How should you decide on a resolution and, more importantly, what measures do you put into place to ensure you are successful? Observation Baltimore recently surveyed Baltimore area residents (N=879) on the topic of resolutions. The below results illustrate how residents weighed in on what they feel are the most effective strategies when it comes to choosing and keeping a New Year’s Resolution.
About Observation Baltimore:
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