Maryland Focus Group Facility: Marketing Trends for 2013

If you’ve been paying attention to the changes on Facebook and other social media platforms recently, you’ve probably noticed that there’s been a significant rise in paid marketing techniques, with advertisers and companies having greater control over what appears in News Feeds when topics are trending. In 2013, online marketers will continue to evolve and expand the way they reach consumers digitally as the online marketplace remains at-large.

Savvy Social Media:

Many online marketers mistakenly believe that social media isn’t useful in generating sales simply because it is not always tied with direct revenue from pay per click campaigns, but this attitude is beginning to shift. Marketers have been gradually catching on to the fact that social media is about more than simply creating opportunities for direct buy – it’s about cultivating a company’s brand in an online platform. This produces a variety of measures to increase sales, from establishing relationships with loyal customers to expanding online reach as a result of shared content on social media gone viral. Advertising options are expected to expand on sites like Facebook and Twitter, where promoted posts and sponsored tweets are allowing businesses to extend their online marketing initiatives.

Consumer Targeted Takeover:

With more advanced attempts to target individual niches of consumers with the right message, marketing is forecasted to continue creating promotions tailored to specific audiences. Real-time bidding and behavioral targeting are long-established means of creating customized marketing techniques. Newly-developed online marketing endeavors have indicated the ongoing push towards this practice, with sponsored ads and stories on Facebook geared at targeting specific audiences and Google Shopping adapting a paid model that allows marketers to advertise by highly specific product attributes like color and condition.

Converted Sales with Cross-Channel and Cross-Device Consideration:

As consumers continue to use their mobile devices to make purchases and weigh online reviews and information as well as word-of-mouth referrals via social media, marketers have to reassess their means of measuring the success of online ads. With the potential to consult external resources online conveniently with mobile devices, ads may not necessarily produce instant-click sales, but can serve as a springboard for consumer interest in a product. This in turn can yield sales after research has been conducted on the product or service at hand. In the New Year, marketers will work to develop additional algorithms with targeted consumer data in order to create more advanced means of measuring the success of their marketing techniques.

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Online Marketing: Top Trends for 2013

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