Everything You Wanted to Know About Our Recruiting Process

recruiting process

The recruiting process at Observation Baltimore is quite unique.

At Observation Baltimore, we truly believe that Experienced Recruiting Makes the Difference. Observation Baltimore’s recruiters are the core strength of their market research services team. In fact, their rigid recruiting policy starts with comprehensive, didactic market research fundamentals training, followed by interviewer training, and external industry practicum. Subsequently, novice recruiters are then observed to ensure that their skills meet the high standards set forth by Observation Baltimore.

Recruiter Hiring Process

There is a comprehensive hiring process regarding recruiters and interviewers. In fact, the only way to find quality individuals is to set high standards and perform various training exercises to ensure that Observation Baltimore hires the most polished and professional recruiters.


  • Fundamentals Training: Traditionally, training begins with general market industry instruction. The training includes DVD and various research instruments for individuals to review. Afterward, prospective candidates receive an education of project cycles, segmentation and quotas, algorithms, and participation in a mock focus group. In the end, a formal review is conducted before a proctored exam.



  • Shadowing: The next step in the process is to have a potential candidate follow a senior recruiter/interviewer. While the shadowing period varies, everyone’s day ends with having a brief meeting with their mentor. During this session, prospective candidates have the opportunity to ask questions and gain some insight from a seasoned professional. Observation Baltimore requires that all new hires observe at least three focus group projects and five experienced recruiter/interviewers before they can start their practicum.



  • Practicum: The practicum begins with the MRA’s, “The Professional Interviewer,” followed by a quiz. After viewing some informational DVD’s, a final exam is given. New hires must pass the exam to continue their work with Observation Baltimore.


Recruiting Methodologies

Observation Baltimore’s recruitment and data collection practices are conducted utilizing traditional telephone procedures. As some projects require creativity, our capabilities extend beyond traditional qualitative research methods including electronic recruitment via web postings, e-blasts, blogs, and social networks, posting flyers at central meeting places, faxing flyers to offices or places of business, and field visits. Traditional telephone procedures will be utilized, unless alternate recruiting methods are approved by the client.

Data Protection and Collection Practices

Confidentiality is critical to our business as well as to our clients.  As a result, Observation Baltimore has strict protection processes for client-provided lists, including: Limited access to electronic lists by senior-level managers only, printed copies are limited to one, and overnight printed list storage is locked within a filing cabinet within a secured human resources office. The day after the project is conducted, printed lists are placed in a privacy compliant shred vendor bin (Shred- It) and all electronic copies are deleted.

All client materials including screeners not taken by the client will be deleted and shredded, subsequent to a 60-day archive period unless otherwise instructed.

About Observation Baltimore:

At Observation Baltimore, we understand that the success of your research is directly tied to the quality of your participants. Our experienced recruiting is the foundation of our mission, as well as courteous and proactive hospitality and client services. Just six minutes from BWI airport and AMTRAK, our Baltimore research facility has a great location. Most importantly, we understand market research!

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