Dare to be Wild: Animal Exhibits in Baltimore


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See the animals in Baltimore!

When you want to unleash your wild side, where do you go? You go see the exotic and beautiful animals in a zoo or aquarium, of course. Baltimore is home to two amazing exhibits where you can get a taste of the wilder things in life. First, there’s the Baltimore Zoo which is currently housing a ton of different animals. This, of course, includes their new penguin exhibit! Next, there is The National Aquarium. This is where the mysteries of the deep are brought together for you to observe and enjoy. Would you like to learn a little more about the amazing animal exhibits you can experience in Baltimore? Well, here we go!

The Baltimore Zoo is fun for the whole family.

No matter how old you are, there is always a sense of wonder and excitement when you go to the zoo. At the Baltimore Zoo, there are 5 zones to explore. There’s the Schaefer Plaza, where you can check out some prairie dogs. This is where you’re going to find the main entrance and exit as well. Now, from this plaza you will be able to either walk or catch a shuttle into the rest of the zoo. The next zone you can hit is the Maryland Wilderness area. This is where you will find local wildlife exhibits and the petting zoo. At the petting zoo you can pet, brush, and feed some goats. From here you can travel to Zoo Central where there are rides and places to eat. You can then go check out the arctic animals in Polar Bear Watch or you can proceed to African Journey, where elephants, leopards, and other African animals live. In this section you can also ride a camel or feed a giraffe. Embrace your wild side at the Baltimore Zoo!

The National Aquarium is pretty fantastic too.

Right in the heart of Baltimore is the National Aquarium where all sorts of marine animals live. Right now they are promoting their Living Seashore exhibit where patrons are encouraged to come and pet sea snails, jellyfish, and other sea critters. There are a ton of exhibits at the National Aquarium from a rainforest to various reefs. They have sharks, crocodiles, and snakes for those of you looking to get your predator fix. There are also vast quantities of colorful fish and there are even some sloths! Regardless of what you’re looking for, be it cute, curious, or creepy, you can definitely find it at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Not only that, but when you’re finished you can head over to the Inner Harbor for dinner and some light shopping if you like.

So, which Baltimore Animal Exhibit are you going to check out next?

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