How Baltimore Business Travelers Book Flights

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Many of Baltimore’s residents have boarded a plane to travel to another country.

In a recent survey conducted by Observation Baltimore, seventy-five percent (75%)* of respondents were Baltimore residents who travel internationally for business. That’s a pretty well-traveled population! So, what do worldly Baltimore residents look for when booking a flight?

If you’re not in the thirty-two percent (32%) of residents who travel for business and allow their corporate services to book flights for them, then you’re probably among the larger fifty-three percent (53%) of Baltimore area residents who book their flights directly online.

Rewards Programs

A surprisingly large number of Charm City residents use rewards programs when traveling. Seventy-eight percent (78%) of residents use some kind of rewards program when traveling. The most popular types of program are airline programs, which are preferred by fifty-six percent (56%) of Baltimore residents. Coming up as a close second are hotel rewards programs, which are used by fifty-two percent (52%) of Baltimore residents when traveling. The least popular rewards program is ground travel rewards, such as Amtrak, Greyhound, Enterprise RAC, etc., which are utilized by twenty-one percent (21%) of Baltimore travelers. It should be noted that many travelers from Baltimore use more than one type of travel rewards program.

Baltimore travelers tend to be very good at remembering to take their rewards programs into account when they’re traveling. Thirty-five percent (35%) of Baltimore residents remember their travel rewards most of the time, while thirty-one percent (31%) always remember to use their travel rewards programs. However, satisfaction with rewards programs skew a little lower. Thirty-four percent (34%) of Baltimore residents are overall satisfied with their rewards programs, and thirty percent (30%) are somewhat satisfied.

What Does a Perfect Flight Look Like?

Ah, if only every flight were without delays and distractions. What does your perfect flight look like?

For Baltimore residents who often book flights for business travel, the top complaint is loud talkers, with thirty-five percent (35%) of Baltimore business travelers lamenting the annoyance of loud talkers. The second biggest complaint is the noise made by small children and babies, with twenty-two percent (22%) of travelers complaining of having to deal with noisy children. It seems that for the dedicated worker, the ideal flight would be just as calm and quiet as the workspace.

About Observation Baltimore:

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*All data is taken from a 2017 Observation Baltimore survey

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