Baltimore, Crabs, and Market Research: What’s Not to Love?

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Steamed crabs and cold beer go hand and hand when it comes to crab feasts. And there’s no better crab to enjoy than the Maryland Blue Crab.

Crabs are one of Baltimore’s biggest attractions. The culture of crabs is essential to Baltimore because it’s a great example of Baltimore’s distinctive flavor.

What’s Baltimore’s flavor?

It’s a willingness to get down to business no matter how messy. It’s about having a dedication to providing high quality products and services, no matter how long it takes. Best of all, camaraderie is never forgotten in the process of crabbing, picking and feasting.  All of this is reflected in the combination of Old Bay and crab that is a staple of Baltimore.

When you visit Baltimore, you’ll notice that Baltimoreans take great pride in their crab products as well as their reputation for the highest quality crabs.

About Baltimore’s Crab Culture

Baltimore has been a vital hub for the crab industry since the mid 1800s, as it is a primary source for Blue Crabs. For Baltimoreans, Maryland crabs have brought generations of people together to relax and socialize.

You can enjoy authentic, succulent Maryland crabmeat and an abundance of crab products at just about any local Baltimore crab house. Simply put, Baltimore is a proud crab city.

Baltimore’s cuisine is known for its great combination of steamed Maryland crabs and Old Bay seasoning.  Mix in a cold brew and you’ve got a perfect taste of Baltimore.

The locally-favored beer is Natty Boh for its representation of affordable living and laid-back feel.

Baltimore crab picking is a Maryland rite of passage. There’s no such thing as being intimidated by crabs here. For those who prefer more instant gratification in their meals, Maryland crab cakes are known as some of the best in the world.  This sampling of the local cuisine is a must for any market research trip to Baltimore.

At local Baltimore crab houses you will find fun and relaxing lounges filled with the delightful aroma of Old Bay seasoning. This is especially prevalent in Baltimore’s tourist district between Harborplace and Fells Point. Here you will find crab houses that serve soft shell crabs, steamed hard shell crabs and savory Maryland crab cakes.

Here at Observation Baltimore, many of our clients like to indulge in this local favorite, typically in crab cake form for easy eating. We did, however, have a few clients recently take part in ordering full steamed crabs and here’s what they had to say:

“Our team really wanted to try the local Baltimore specialty of fresh steamed blue crabs and Gisella set it all up for us, not only timing it perfectly between our groups but using an available extra room to give us a full table lined with paper and napkins so we could fully enjoy our heavenly Old Bay-seasoned mess!”

-Dave B., Research Director

Bottom line: Baltimore Crabs are an attraction in their own right.  If you want to taste the best crabs, there’s no other place to go.  Since we’re in the middle of crab season, now is the time to visit.

Baltimore is a worthwhile destination – from excellent crabs to the laid back atmosphere. Plan your Baltimore market research trip today, mallets and white buckets await you.

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