Voice of Baltimore: Healthcare and the Worried Well Generation

Millennials–defined as the generation born between 1982-2003–make up about 25% of the current US population. Their constant access to technology and information has made them better-connected than their older peers, but also more concerned about both personal and global affairs which has earned them the nickname, “the Worried Well Generation.” At Observation Baltimore, we wanted to get a sense for whether their anxieties extend to healthcare, so we surveyed 423 young people between the ages of 18-35 to find out.

worried well generation

The Worried Well Generation has many anxieties.

The Worried Well Generation

Thanks to the rise of the internet, Millennials have grown up with access to a vast supply of medical information that would have been unthinkable for previous generations.Thirty-eight percent (38%) of survey respondents claimed that they rely on Web MD and other online sources as their primary source for health-related information, while (37%) rely on their primary care doctor. Friends and family were also a significant and trusted source of information among (18%).

The term “Worried Well” is an apt description for Millennials, at least as far as healthcare is concerned. (66%) of respondents said they are very much concerned about having access to necessary healthcare and (72%) said that they take proactive steps to help protect their health. Millennials seem to have a keen understanding of the importance of diet and exercise in maintaining their health. (77%) claimed that they routinely take vitamins to support their health and (91%) said that they partake in some form of routine exercise, while only (4%) relied on diet pills as part of their health routine. An almost equal number of respondents also regularly consumed protein bars (33%), protein shakes (32%), and/or supplements (31%).

According to our research, Millennials understand the importance of health but strive to balance their desire for a healthy life with their busy lives. Only (3%) of respondents claimed to be health maniacs, while the vast majority (92%) said that they think being healthy is important, but they have some unhealthy habits or life sometimes gets in the way of their health routines.

Healthcare marketers have to understand the differences between each generation to ensure their marketing remains relevant.  A recent study conducted by Harris Poll suggests that Millennials seek out brands that provide just-for-them utility with experiences that support their individual approaches to learning about and managing their own health. Successful brands will be those that can merge “real” healthcare with personal wellness fueled by food, exercise, social connections.

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