Voice of Baltimore: Cleaning Product Brand Loyalty

A few months ago, we conducted a survey asking Baltimore residents whether brand loyalty had an influence on their purchasing decisions. We’ve shared what they think about hygiene products and food and beverages in previous articles and in this week’s blog, we will wrap up the series with an exploration of whether brand names matter to Baltimore residents when it comes to choosing which cleaning product to buy. Find out how they responded, below.

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Does brand loyalty influence Baltimore residents’ choice of cleaning products? Find out in today’s blog!

Baltimore and Cleaning Product Brand Loyalty

In our survey of just over 700 Baltimore residents, we asked whether brand name had an influence on their choice of cleaning products. As with food, beverage, and hygiene products, we found that the name on the bottle really does matter, especially with certain categories of cleaning products. Laundry detergent was the category where brand name mattered most, with (83%) of respondents indicating that they choose a name brand detergent over generic options. Dish soap (76%) was not far behind and toilet bowl cleaner (61%), dishwasher detergent (61%), and window cleaner (59%) purchases are also influenced by the brand name on the bottle. Consumers seemed to care much less about the brand of their floor cleaner (43%).  

When it comes to making their final purchasing decision, Baltimore residents listed a number of factors that influenced their choices. Quality and price were the two biggest concerns that consumers cited, while environmental concerns and product availability also had an influence on their purchasing decisions. Consumers were far less swayed by products that were endorsed by celebrities. Finally, a large proportion of survey participants (65%) learn about new products from social media sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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