Robin Roberts’ Inspiring ESPY Award Speech

Last Wednesday, during the 2013 ESPY Awards, Robin Roberts was the recipient of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. She gave an inspiring speech about how she survived cancer and about all of the support she had received throughout her treatment. Roberts was very cognizant of the fact that cancer research had saved her life.

Here’s the video of Roberts’ speech:

A humbled LeBron James introduced Roberts by saying “When we have moments of adversity that hit us and we think about I can’t or it’s too hard or we can’t do, let’s just think about this moment.” Roberts came up to the stage to thunderous applause and was very thankful to everyone in attendance. She was especially grateful for her sister, Sally-Ann, who was responsible for her lifesaving bone marrow transplant.  Research shows that only about 25% of siblings are matches, but Sally-Ann was a perfect match for Robin.

20 years earlier, former basketball coach and sports broadcaster, Jim Valvano, gave his famous ESPYs speech urging people to donate to cancer research. He knew that it might not save his life, but it would save the lives of others. Roberts was the perfect example and was quick to point this out.

“I never imagined I’d be able to be standing here,” said Roberts, “twenty years after Jimmy V’s speech and say that because of everyone who has responded to his challenge, because of all the donation, research and support; mine is one of the lives that has been saved.”

Roberts ended her heartwarming  and inspiring speech with a call to action for cancer research.  Just as Jim Valvano did, Roberts urged people to donate to help future cancer patients. She also asked for more participation in medical research by engaging in clinical trials, focus groups, and research studies.  The combined efforts of donations and participation in medical research will yield great results for future generations.

Medical market research is an essential tool in figuring out the intricate needs of health care systems. The data gathered from this kind of research goes towards improving treatments and the patient experience.  These, in turn, positively impact the outcome of each patient.  In order to find more ways to beat cancer and have more stories like Robin Roberts’, we need to continue doing the research.

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