One-on-one with Gisella Frisone 


Observation Baltimore’s Project Associate and blogger; Adam Olhausen interviewed our Hospitality Coordinator; Gisella Frisone. The interview took place at our facility in our “Hong Kong” suite and provided a genuine insight into Gisella’s work day at Observation Baltimore.
The script of the interview reads as follows:
AO: First off, just give readers a better idea of what your day to day operations at Observation Baltimore are.
GF: I start off by always making sure rooms are presentable. I also make sure everything clients ask for is right there at their fingertips. I ensure the coffee is fresh and ready at least 30 minutes before they get in and I always have meals and snacks ready to go. It is essential that the drinks and food must all be ordered so I take care of that and make sure the DVD and audio are ready to go as well.
AO: Very cool. What is your favorite part about working for Observation Baltimore?
GF: My favorite part about working here is the diversity of the day. Dealing with all the people is complex- whether that be the clients, the focus group participants or guests, I ensure they feel welcome and right at home. Basically, there really isn’t ever a dull moment.
AO: What would be something the clients would find interesting about you?
GF: Being from southern Rome in Italy, my accent really stands out and topics come up for discussion on Italian culture, and a lot of times the people I interact with say how they would like to visit Italy. I also have a very good memory so I remember past clients and names and they remember me.
AO: Awesome! So, being here 14 years now, what drew you to Observation Baltimore?
GF: I was asked to help out with hospitality, and because I have years of experience in managing and working at restaurants, I was happy to jump in.
AO: I have noticed since I started working here last year that many of our return clients get along with you famously… What is your secret to success here?
GF: I love being able to be counted on and trusted to do the job and do it efficiently and correctly. If you need something I’m here, that is my motto.
AO: Well that certainly shows, and it is impressive. Finally tell me something you have found rather interesting about working here?
GF: I have definitely noticed that anyone, regardless of age, can interact and get along with anyone. I have developed sustaining business and friendship relationships across age groups, and I always get a kick out of someone asking me my age.
AO: Very interesting and something to definitely consider! Thank you for your time Gisella.

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