Hong Kong Suite


Conference room: Accommodates 15 respondents conference-style; 30 classroom-style with overhead projection.
Observing Room: Spaciously accommodates 20 observers
Client Lounge: Festively appointed in an Asian Fung Shui style


  • CLT’s
  • POP shelf evaluations
  • Ad labs
  • Dial testing
  • Client-respondent workshops
  • Neuro lab & biofeedback testing
  • Focus groups


Standard suite amenities include:

  • Fully-stocked sweet and healthful snacks and cold beverages
  • Coffee and selection of Mighty Leaf teas
  • Health-infused water (lemon/lime, cucumber, or berry)
  • Office/research supplies including flip charts, post-its, Sharpies, colored paper, and collage-building materials

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