Interview with Brittany Wight, Project Associate

We had the chance to catch up with Brittany Wight, a Project Associate at Observation Baltimore, to get her take on the Market Research industry and city as a whole. Many of you who have visited us have been welcomed by Brittany’s smiling face at the front desk, where she commonly greets our clients and participants.


Brittany Wight, Project Associate at Observation Baltimore.

Why do you enjoy working in the market research industry?

I love that I can see the results of market research out in my daily life. I love turning on the TV or radio or walking into a store and finding something that was researched at our facility. Our respondents’ opinions and ideas really matter and I’m looking right at the final result and I know that I was involved in the journey it took to get there.

Why is what you do at Observation Baltimore important?

I think that, as a team, everyone here has an important role in the company’s success. I am lucky to be the face that participants and clients see first when they arrive at our facility. I get to help everyone feel comfortable and settled. I make sure their needs are met and they are in a good mood so that the research can be successful.

Observation Baltimore is frequently packed with numerous in house projects at one time. How do you go about keeping things organized when so much is going on around you?

I would like to send a shout out to color coding, clipboards, and post-it notes. To keep everything organized, I make sure to stick to an assigned color for each suite. From sign in sheets and respondent nametags to color-coded seating in the waiting area, I can keep things straight at my desk easily. I am also a note taker and a list maker. If something needs to be done, I put it on my list and check it off when completed.

What do you do in your spare time?

I am a hands-on person. I love to create. From painting and print making to blending my own loose leaf teas, I just love to make my own little world a unique one.

I also love exploring my own city. Recently, I made it to the famous Greenmount Cemetery and found famous graves like Johns Hopkins.  It’s not creepy at all, very well kept and great for a little day trip. You have to check in at the front desk and the groundskeeper will give you a map and send you on your way. You can see the city from certain points, too, so it is very interesting.

If it is interesting food you are looking for, do not worry, I am also on that case. I love trying new restaurants – Parts and Labor, Bottega, Maggies Farm, you name it! If you are downtown, though, try Zach and Jacks for breakfast. Best pancakes ever! But you have to get there early because there are only a small number of seats.

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