Got Crabs?

Hello again! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. It is time for another look at what Baltimore residents like to do in the summer. While we are all still reeling from the departure of Manny Machado, there is another proud tradition that isn’t going anywhere, Crabs! We asked our panel about one of Maryland’s favorite pastimes and here’s what they had to say…

Our panel seems to prefer the fancier and less messy method of enjoying the tradition by selecting Crabcakes by a large margin.

Which do you prefer?









Peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs and bacon and eggs are some of the great duos in food history but in Maryland, Old Bay and Crabs are Maryland’s true power couple. Our panel seems to agree which isn’t surprising since many of us put Old Bay on our popcorn.


Good news for restaurants, our panel still enjoys the service and leisure of a good restaurant or crabhouse, favoring eating out rather than having to clean up the “hopefully” bare shells at home.


Baltimore broiled is the way to go with crabcakes according to our panel. While many chose fried or baked, broiled was overwhelmingly the favorite.

Go big or go home. When our panelist eats crabs, they prefer to fill their belly with large crabs.

Whether or not to fill yourself up with sides while eating crabs is argued about in Maryland more than politics. Our panel does enjoy fresh corn on the cob to complement spicy crabs.


Nothing quite washes crabs down like an ice-cold beer. However, many of our panelists prefer to be “somewhat” productive after a meal of crabs by choosing Iced Tea or Soda.


Baltimore may not have had a first-place team in a while but the town does remain the most popular for crabhouses in the state.


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