Beyond Mediocrity

Webster defines “mediocrity” as “the quality or state of being just average.”

Current US averages:
Height Adult Male: 69.1 inches or 5 feet 9 inches
Height Adult Female: 63 inches or 5 feet, 3 inches
Weight Adult Male: 197.9 pounds
Weight Adult Female: 170.6 pounds
Average US home price: $315,000

As humans, comparing ourselves to others seems “natural.” “Natural” is also defined as “ordinary.”

If your desire is to go beyond average, The Research Group has analyzed advice from many sources including:,, and Entrepreneur. Accordingly, we offer the following advice to optimize life:
Retrain Your Brain The power of belief is staggering… If you believe you’re average you will inevitably remain average. Everything begins in the heart and mind. If you believe you can be great, doors will start to open. Put effort into convincing yourself that you’re not… average.

Visualize What You Want Concentrate on exactly what you want, repeat those thoughts incessantly, and visualize how life will be when you realize your dreams. Attract what you want! Post reminders, images, post-its, and design the life you create.

Make Gratitude a Practice Place a daily reminder. I have a gratitude rock near my coffee pot as a reminder to recite gratefulness. The comfort of bed, the aroma of coffee, health, and fresh air are regular blessings of life. Remember, not everyone has access to small pleasures.

Choose Your Words Stop negative verbalization! Create positive messages that originate from you. If you’re tempted to be negative, think, and rephrase your thoughts and your words. Training our brains to produce positive words will create a productive habit and assist in demonstrating to ourselves and others the world is exactly what we make it.

Act crazy Be off the charts, not ordinary or predictable, or average! Shake things up a bit. Become a disrupter, not predictable. If you want to be remarkable; don’t be afraid to be different: face your fears! Do something that people don’t expect and enjoy it!

Sustain Hope Our thoughts can make mountains out of molehills. The smallest doubt can turn into a huge distraction. If a situation needs your attention, satisfy it, and move on! Importantly, dismiss negative thoughts that are not real. Keep practicing the positive, keep visualizing, keep hope as a central aspect of your thoughts. You manifest your thoughts and beliefs.

Build People Practice finding the good in people rather than the bad, and your success will transform into something special. We are attracted to things that make us feel good. Think of all the cool things you could attract in your own life if you give other people what they want. Be around people who genuinely elevate each other, you become similar to those who surround you. Dismiss anyone who tears people down.

Smile, breathe, walk, move, laugh, and learn!! Enjoy life and celebrate those who strive to be beyond mediocre!

“Life is an echo. What you send out, comes back.
What you sow, you reap. What you give, you get.
What you see in others exists in you!” -Zig Ziglar

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