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Let’s go Ravens!

There is nothing quite like game day— it means excitement, anticipation and getting to spend your Sunday supporting a team you love with friends, family, and other likeminded fans. With the pre-season schedule slated to kick off this Sunday, Aug. 9 (8 p.m. ET), we wanted to measure the excitement Baltimore fans are feeling for the start of the 2015 season.  We surveyed 600 Baltimore area residents seeking their opinions about their beloved sport and franchise.

America’s Favorite Sport

The 2015 The Harris Poll® reported, (32%) of fans pick Pro Football as their favorite sport while baseball only garnered “favorite” status among half as many Americans (16%).

Observation Baltimore conducted its own independent research and asked those surveyed how they felt about America’s favorite sports season getting underway; (58%) reported being very excited for the NFL season to begin, (24%) somewhat excited, (9%) neutral, (3%) not very excited and (6%) not at all excited.

(59%) of those surveyed plan on attending at least 1 NFL home game this season while the other (41%) have no plans to attend a game.

Raven’s Nation

Some of us are born into families that have a long history of supporting a particular NFL team while others choose a team to root for based on their favorite players, hometown roots, or even team colors. In any case, a loyal fan sticks with “their” team through thick and thin.

We asked Baltimore area residents where their loyalties lie. (75%) of respondents identified the Baltimore Ravens as their favorite NFL team; other teams selected include the Washington Redskins (8%), Pittsburgh Steelers (4%), New York Giants (3%), the New England Patriots (2%), and the remaining (8%) varied among other NFL teams.

Early Predictions

Baltimore area locals have already begun to form their early predictions for the 2015 NFL season. Of the respondents surveyed (48%) anticipate the New England Patriots will be the Raven’s toughest competition this season, followed by the Pittsburgh Steelers (36%), Cincinnati Bengals (13%), and Cleveland Browns (3%). When asked how far the Ravens will make it this season, the majority, (37%) predict the team will be AFC North division champions and make the playoffs while only (18%) envision a Super Bowl win for Baltimore.

Whatever the future holds for the Ravens it is sure to be a season full of success and defeat (hopefully more success than defeat), camaraderie and rivalry, and good times had with friends and fellow fans— all in the name of making it to the big game and of course earned bragging rights.


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