An Interview with Alex Leisawitz, Project Coordinator

We recently sat down with Alex Leisawitz, Observation Baltimore’s Project Coordinator. Read on to find out what he thinks the most interesting part of the market research industry is and if the Orioles have a chance to go to the World Series this year.


As the Project Coordinator, you work on projects with a variety of clients. What are your favorite types of projects?

My favorite types of projects to work on are the ones where the participants we are calling are really excited to be in the group. When respondents know that their opinion really matters and can help our clients’ products or services be improved, I know the research will be really rich.

What do you think is the most interesting part about the market research industry?

I think the most interesting thing is how applicable this type of research can be to so many different fields. In my time here I have seen projects for many clients that you would expect, but also many for clients that you would not expect. The bottom line is that any organization can benefit from conducting market research.

How do you define a successful project?

A successful project is one in which we deliver on our clients’ needs and desires while also sticking to our plan for completing the assigned work. We want our clients to leave each time feeling that they gained something by conducting research with us. Additionally, we hope that our respondents enjoy participating and providing input to our clients’ products, services, or ideas.

What is something you hope to accomplish in the next decade outside of work?

Outside of work, I hope to make it to several new states that I have never visited before. I also hope to continue my educational aspirations and perhaps earn a master’s degree.

You are a big Orioles fan. What do you think the Orioles’ chances of making it to the World Series are this year?

When I began rooting for the Orioles as a kid, nobody predicted that they would ever make the playoffs. Over the past four years, as they have progressed under new management, they have evolved into a perennial playoff contender. Now, more than ever in my lifetime, I choose to believe that they have a good chance of making it to the World Series. Will they get there? Perhaps not this year, but I do believe they have a solid chance, even without my favorite player, Nick Markakis.

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