Recap: QRCA Conference in Montreal

Dear fellow QRCA members,

It was wonderful to see everyone at this year’s QRCA conference in Montreal. Thank you for stopping by the Observation Baltimore booth to be “dazzled” – everyone’s name-tags looked great!

A special Congratulations to this year’s Coach bag winner, Randi Stillman.

Coach Bag WinnerPhoto: Randi Stillman, Bottom Line Market Research, LLC; Barbara Gassaway & Karen Hernandez, Observation Baltimore

As well as helping everyone “dazzle” their name tags, we also attended some of the great sessions. Below are some tips and tricks picked up by Barbara Gassaway, our CEO.

What I learned…

My key QRCA take-aways this year were intentionally related to report writing.  Client needs dictate that all our reports tell a story, be concise, and entertain along the way.

Tips & Tricks:

– Use Prezie along with PowerPoint to jazz up your presentation;

– Use cell phone camera post groups to capture images you  can insert into Toplines;

– Spice up boring charts with colors & shapes using remove line feature and inserting/formatting text boxes.

Please look for more Tips & Tricks in November’s Edition of Baltimore Insider.

Some great shots from QRCA:

QRCA in Montreal

Photo A: Foster Winter, Jen Walsh, Jeff Walkowski,
Freddie Williams, Missy Carvin, Horacio Segal,
Mira Davis-Kelly, Helen Karcher

Photo B: Abby Leafe, Missy Carvin, Ricardo Lopez

Photo C: Owen Jones, Peggy Moulton‐Abbott

Photo D: Mira Davis-Kelly, Barbara Gassaway,
Anh-Thu Luu, Christine Holt, Lester Greenberg,
Karen Hernandez, Tim Saur

Photo E: Manny Shradder & Christine Holt

See you next year!

Observation Baltimore at QRCA

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